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Open the door to the world around you

HERE WeGo (also known as HERE Maps) is an online map application that helps you find your way around and discover much more about what's around you.

Like Google Maps, HERE WeGo allows you to view street and satellite maps of the whole world. It offers directions, live traffic, public transport details and information about businesses and points of interest.

HERE WeGo has a street level view where you can traverse streets as if you were really there, much like Google's Street View. However, the street level coverage appears to be not as widespread as Street View, and the photo resolution isn't as high.

Innovative features

The most eye-catching way to look at maps in HERE WeGo is through the 3D view. Here you can swoop through the streets of a city looking at an accurate 3D representation of the urban landscape. At the time of reviewing, there are 25 cities mapped in 3D in Nokia Here, though more will be added.

Another interesting feature of HERE WeGo is Collections, which lets you save places you've visited - or that you want to visit - and access this information across multiple devices, through your Nokia account. This is a great way to remember places you've enjoyed so you can go back there next time you're in that area.

Other noteworthy features include an 'Explore near your location button', which shows you noteworthy places your immediate vicinity; and a Maps Creator, where users can help HERE WeGo to grow by adding features to maps themselves. You can add places of interest, local amenities and even new roads!


Getting around using HERE WeGo is very easy. Moving around maps is done by dragging around or using the directional pad. Zooming is controlled by double-tapping the screen, or using the slider.

The step-by-step directions in the former HERE Maps are excellently presented, breaking down every stage very clearly in a list, as well as displaying the route on the map. You can hover over alternative routes with your mouse and the directions list and map route will change accordingly.

Mobile version

The mobile version of the HERE WeGo service contains many of the same features as listed above. The compact user interface intelligently hides away menus and options to dedicate maximum screen space for the map itself.

One cool feature of the mobile version is that it allows you to save and download portions of a map for offline viewing. This is great if you have a data limits, or for exploring areas with limited internet coverage.

HERE WeGo is a comprehensive navigation tool that offers much more than just maps, helping you to enrich your life experiences by finding out more about what's around you.


  • Fast and easy to navigate
  • Impressive 3D view
  • Traffic and public transport info
  • Community-based map editor
  • Save maps for offline viewing
  • Build up collections of your favorite places


  • Some areas not well served with information

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HERE WeGo for Web Apps

  • Free
  • In English
  • 3.9
  • (53)
  • Security Status

User reviews about HERE WeGo

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Finally- REAL competition for the Googlopoly = Google monopoly. cOOL app- no download needed...>
    3D views are Awesome w-newer nVidia cards (tried it w-GTX480 1.5GB)...>
    No Google SPYware TRACKing your Every Move
    ...>(older  More


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